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When you’re faced with challenges on your job site, trust our experienced engineers to provide effective shotcrete and grouting solutions that will perform in your project’s conditions. Bring our experts your toughest challenges, and we’ll deliver the right materials and equipment for your application. 

The one-stop-shop for all your shotcrete and grouting needs.

When you think shotcrete and grouting, think Multicrete. From using techniques that reduce dust to providing just-in-time delivery, we partner with our clients to provide both standard and custom solutions that help projects run more efficiently.

Multicrete offers a comprehensive range of shotcrete and grout materials and equipment. No matter the unique challenges your project is presenting, our concrete experts can recommend an existing product or create a new solution to address the requirements of your application. From adding stainless steel fibers to eliminate the need for rebar to shipping dry shotcrete in cold temperatures, Multicrete has the solution you’re looking for.

From creating new materials that meet your project’s toughest demands to utilizing mixing techniques that minimize dust, Multicrete is always looking for innovations that will benefit the concrete industry.

Multicrete’s nozzlemen maintain active ACI certification.

The American Concrete Institute publishes more than 400 standards that apply to the manufacture, use and maintenance of concrete in a variety of applications. These standards also determine methods for testing, inspection and building code requirements. Learn more about ACI certification.

Multicrete proudly reduces freight costs by offering just-in-time delivery to our clients’ job sites from one of our many convenient locations throughout Canada. 

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