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With a focus on safety and efficiency, Multicrete offers a comprehensive range of CRF backfill materials, equipment, and services to address the unique requirements of each mining site. Our experts perform a thorough cost analysis before providing custom solutions for improving operating systems and safely reducing costs.

Mine sites made safer with Multicrete's cemented rock fill mixes and equipment.

Multicrete proudly provides a comprehensive range of CRF backfill materials and equipment to keep your mining sites operating safely and efficiently.  We partner with you to provide expert recommendations for improving operating systems, reducing costs, and maintaining the highest safety standards. 

Multicrete is a full-service supplier of the materials and equipment needed on CRF backfill job sites, offering powder, custom and standard equipment, delivery, on-site material handling, underground batching equipment, grout mixing, and more.

Multicrete knows that each job site has its own unique requirements. Our experts carefully analyze each site’s specifications before designing custom systems, creating mixes, and delivering equipment. 

An industry leader in safety procedures and quality workmanship, Multicrete developed comprehensive safety, health, and environmental procedures that are implemented throughout every job site. 

After completing a cost analysis on your site’s current operating systems, our engineers will provide feedback and support for improving efficiency and safely reducing costs. 

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