Multicrete Contracting


Civil Works

From transparently communicating with local project stakeholders to tirelessly working to provide rehabilitation solutions for existing concrete structures, you can rely on Multicrete Contracting to prioritize quality and care in every project. 

Multicrete Precast Support and Resources
Multicrete-project-Library of Parliament Restoration and Reinforcement Project

Concrete Restoration

Multicrete Contracting looks forward to servicing your most complex projects. From restoring cracked bridges to stabilizing compromised foundations, our professionals will analyze, ideate, and execute quality solutions for your most complicated problems. 

CRF Backfill

From providing a cost analysis on the efficiency of your procedures to designing manufacturing systems that operate seamlessly on your complicated job site, Multicrete Contracting has the CRF backfill solutions your projects require. No project is too complex for our team of professionals.

Multicrete Systems_engineers

Project Management

Multicrete Contracting understands that every project poses its own complex challenges. Whether you require on-site project managers or detailed weekly reports, our widely experienced project management professionals will ensure your job sites run safely, efficiently, and smoothly.

Shotcrete & Grouting​

Multicrete Contracting offers an expansive range of shotcrete and grouting services. Whether you need materials that will perform in cold temperatures or equipment that can fit in limited spaces, our engineers work tirelessly to provide you with the materials and equipment you need to complete your projects safely and effectively.

Multicrete Contracting is recognized for our quality & service.